Since its beginnings the Research Group in lung cancer has had the advice of recognized international researchers. In this way, the international network: "International Research Network on Lung Cancer Epigenetics and Genetics" between the Center for Genome Regulation (CRG), conformed by the Andrés Bello University and the University of Chile (Santiago-Chile), and the instituto de Genética Humana of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Colombia. The conformation of this network arises in response to the need to work in team towards the improvement of the knowledge of the disease, search for diagnostic biomarkers that in the future will result in a better treatment to the patient.

This international network is directed by the doctors: Martin Montecino of the Center for Biomedical Research of the Universidad Andrés Bello and doctor Miguel Allende of the University of Chile.

The proposal to create this network was funded in 2016 by CONICYT (National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research / Chile). Within the framework of this network, two research projects have been implemented and the mobility of students and researchers in the two countries has been financed.

Mobility of students and researchers:

Angélica María Herreño Pachón: The Master's student in Biological Sciences of the PUJ undertook a one-month research internship (March 17 to April 17, 2017) at the Biomedical Research Center of Universidad Andrés Bello (Santiago de Chile ). During her stay, she did experiments related to loss of function were performed using shRNA and lentiviral vectors under the three-plasmid system. The mobility of the student to the mentioned laboratory has allowed him to collect fundamental results for the culmination of his work of degree and publication of research article.










Mauricio Alejandro Sáez Venegas: Post doctoral Researcher at the Biomedical Research Center-UNAB, PhD in Sciences, mention of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Universidad Austral de Chile, Post doctoral Researcher at the Biology Institute of Bellvitge, Epigenetics and Biology Program Of Cancer (2011-2014). doctor Sáez was at the PUJ in June 2017, during which he held a seminar workshop on "Bioinformatics, data management and tools for the analysis of ChIPseq and RNAseq. This course was taken by faculty and student members of the Epigenetic and Lung Cancer Seed and the Research Group on Epigenetics and Lung Cancer. This course was theoretical-practical and consisted of 70 classroom hours.










International Workshop: Epigenetic Control: Mechanisms and Applications.

As part of the activities of our international network, from July 19 to 20, 2017, this event will be held at the Andrés Bello Auditorium, Andrés Bello University, Avenida Republica 239-interior (Santiago / Chile). This event will be attended by speakers from South America and its main objective is the creation and strengthening of networks in the area of ​​Epigenetics and transcriptional regulation.


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