Symposia – EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 20 – 23 Nov 2019 

Deadlines Registration – 9 Oct 2019 Abstract – 28 Aug 2019


Symposium Overview

Metabolism and epigenetics are intricately linked, playing a key role in development, cancer, immune signalling and ageing. This symposium brings together world-leading researchers exploring this nexus and will focus in particular on how metabolites and metabolic networks impact gene regulation, on recently discovered roles of metabolites in disease and how this opens novel therapeutic avenues. We will highlight enabling tools linking metabolites, their localisation within tissues and cells with the regulation of chromatin structure, gene activity and epigenetic inheritance.

Innovative molecular and computational tools that enable the detection of metabolites in time and space, as well as novel biology in powerful model organisms and clinical data have led to a renaissance of research on metabolism, especially in the context of epigenetics and gene regulation. The goal of our interdisciplinary symposium is to strengthen the connection between these fields, inspire novel ideas and enable collaborations at this frontier.

Session Topics

  • Metabolic regulation of epigenetic marks
  • Metabolic control of gene expression
  • Metabolism in development and disease
  • Systems analysis of metabolism
  • Immunometabolism
  • Cancer metabolism
  • Immune cell metabolism
  • Novel tools for metabolism and epigenetics

Epigenetics conference and events calendar 2019/20

17–21 Mar
Epigenetics and Human DiseaseKeystone SymposiumBanff, Canada
01-03 April 2019 ConferenceChromatin and Epigenetics: Inheritance and DesignAbcamMunich, Germany
26–31 May
Chromatin Signaling in Heart and Vascular DiseasesGRCHong Kong
17–18 June 2019 ConferenceFunctions of EpitranscriptomesAbcamChicago, IL, US
20–21 July
Dynamics of Epigenetic Regulation: Mechanisms and BeyondGRCHolderness, NH, US
21–26 July
Epigenetic Mechanisms Across Scales: From Molecules to Environment and EvolutionGRCHolderness, NH, US
12-14 Sept 20193rd Epigenetics and Bioengineering Conference (EpiBio 2019)American Institute of Chemical EngineersBarcelona, Spain
16-18 Oct 2019 Conference14th Asia Epigenome Meeting / 3rd Taipei Epigenetics and Chromatin MeetingAbcamTaipei, Taiwan
20-22 Oct 2019 SymposiumTranscriptional Regulation in Evolution, Development, and DiseaseCell SymposiaChicago, IL, US
06-08 Nov 2019 ConferenceEpigenomics of Common DiseasesWellcome Genome CampusHinxton, UK
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