Epigenetics Conference and Events Calendar 2020/21


22-24 April 2020

EMBO Workshop: The EpitranscriptomeEMBOHeidelberg, Germany
29 April – 3 May 2020Mechanisms of RecombinationAbcamCambridge, UK
4-8 May 2020Chromatin, Epigenetics and TranscriptionCold Spring Harbor AsiaSuzhou, China
20-22 May 2020 XII Biennial Conference Barcelona – PittsburghFundació ACEBarcelona, Spain
28-29 May 2020Enabling Scientific Reproducibility with Antibodies: Validation, Standards, & TechnologiesAbcamCambridge, UK
31 May – 5 June 2020Chromatin Structure and FunctionGRCCastelldefels, Spain
21-26 June 2020Biological Methylation: Fundamental Mechanism in Human Health and DiseaseFASEBSicily, Italy
24-25 Aug 2020Japan-UK Regulation through Chromatin 2020BBSRCLeicester, UK
29 Aug – 1 Sept 2020Transcription and ChromatinEMBLHeidelberg, Germany
14-18 Sept 2020Epigenetics and ChromatinCSHLCold Spring Harbor, USA
1-5 Oct 2020Transcription Regulation by Chromatin and RNA Polymerase IIASBMBSnowbird, USA
6-9 Oct 20204th Danube Conference on EpigeneticsFEBSBudapest, Hungary
28-31 Oct 2020Neuroepigenetics: From Cells to Behaviour and DiseaseEMBLHeidelberg, Germany
2-4 Dec 20206th Max Planck Epigenetics Meeting 2020MPIFreiburg, Germany


Progress in basic and clinical research is slowed when researchers fail to provide a complete and accurate report of how a study was designed, executed, and the results analyzed.

Nature Medicine summarizes all the research you need to know this week to keep on top of how science is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lysate controls for Western Blot (WB) experiments are from a sample with known expression of your protein of interest, giving you an idea of how much signal to expect from your experimental samples. In this Tech Tip, Alex discusses how to use positive lysate controls, how they differ from loading controls, and considerations for phospho-specific antibodies.