Epigenetics & Cancer Research Group

EPILAB  (Epigenetics & Cancer Research Group) began activities in June 2014 with the purpose of proposing and executing research proposals aimed at improving the knowledge of lung cancer, search for new biomarkers, which in the future will result in a better diagnosis and treatment of the patient. To date we have counted on the financing of 5 research proposals, of which 2 are in execution. In the execution of these projects, 1 undergraduate student, 4 undergraduate students of the PUJ and one senior student of the Pneumology residence of the PUJ participated. The Research Group has received important academic recognition such as: Best work in the area of Epigenetic (Congress of Human Genetics-2016); Honorable mention to undergraduate work (student Christian Montoya).
Another of the main activities of the Research Group is related to the activities of the Epigenetics and Lung Cancer Seedbed (Link), which has academic meetings and specific research activities.
Since 2015, our group has broadened its research areas and started the execution of research proposals in Sexual Development Disorders. From this moment our group ventures into new areas of knowledge whose common denominator is THE EPIGENETICS AND TRANSCRIPTIONAL REGULATION.
Currently, our group has four areas of study:

  • Lung cancer
  • Disorders of sexual development – DSD
  • Environmental impact in placentas
  • Cellular senescence